Cartlidge & Browne

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Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon

Vintages: 2008

Country: California, USA

Essence of: When I first open this wine I had aromas of dried strawberries and tons of alcohol, it was overwhelming. I took a sip and was disappointed. The tannins are very harsh and overpowered the fruit in the wine, not well balanced at first / Bits recommended to let this wine sit and breath for 15 to 20 min the flavors begin to settle down and the fruit comes into place. / Notes of cedar and bits of vanilla and spice come out once the alcohol subsides, but the tannins remain very apparent with a lingering long finish.

Best Served With: Gamey & Grilled Meats

Price Range: Under $15 per bottle

Cartidge and browne wine review

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