Overall Review: Cork

Service: The service is good at Chili’s at Kahala Mall which is about the only thing that this restaurant has going for it. Every time we have gone to Chili’s (a handfull of times) the staff have been really friendly but not to bright. The last time when we had really fishy salmon and the waitress though that they caught it fresh in Hawaii (Honey Salmon doesn’t grow here!) but she did take $10 off the total which was appreciated since it was practical uneatable and was priced at $26.

Food: The food is slightly above fast food but priced like it was a first class establishment! The salads look more dead than alive and they charge you an extra $2 for a side salad which is ridiculous when its straight out of a bag, limp and partially brown. All the food and seafood is poor quality but what can you expect when you use cheap ingredients? The food is below average and very inconsistent. The ribs are tasty but there is hardly any meat on the bone. Everything you order is just bland or really bad. Burger King has better food than Chili’s! The biggest problem is that the price tag doesn’t match the food quality so every time you eat at Chili’s you feel like you have been raked over coals. The last time we ate there was so bad that we swore to never go again unless we are drinking margaritas at the bar. Our advice… heat up an Amy’s lasagna or eat an apple and you will have a far better experience than going to Chili’s (its worth waiting for a table at CPK or the Counter. You will end up eating better food and saving money). Chili’s also has a crappy happy hour. Booooo Chili’s!

Favorite Dishes: Dry Rub Ribs (Full Rack don’t get a combo), Santa Fee Chicken Salad, and the Hamburgers.

AtmosphereThe atmosphere is meeeeehhhhh at Chili’s. The tables are old and could use a makeover. The lights are low over the booths and so bright that you feel like you are being grilled at the police station which is really annoying and hard to enjoy dinner (specially if you are sensitive to light and get headaches easliy). Overall the bar has a better feel to it than the regular restaurant but the whole place could use a fresh coat of paint and some new decor besides TVs.

Consistency: They are very consistency overpriced and terrible.

Parking: Parking is easy at Chili’s in Kahala mall. If you go during the day you can park right out front, if you go later at night you need to be a bit lucker or you can always park on the roof or over by Macy’s and walk.

Price Range: Medium-High ($11.99-$26) per Entree
No BYOB Allowed
Reservations Not Necessary
Take Out Available

Happy Hour

4211 Waialae Ave
Honolulu, HI 96816
Tel: (808) 738-5773

Hours of Operation:

Happy Hour
Mon-Friday 2:30-6pm in Bar only or Patio ($2 off drafts, $2 off appetizers, $1 off glasses of wine, and $2 off margaritas)

Chili's ribs & shrimp

Combo Ribs & Shrimp

Chili's ribs and salmon

Combo Ribs & Salmon

Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs


Side Salad

Chicken Fajitas

Fajita Sides


Papa John’s Pizza

Overall: CorkCorkCorkCork

Service: The services is great at Papa John’s. From the delivery boys to the pizza makers the team at Papa John’s do a good job specially for a fast food restaurant. In fact, we had a pretty bad experience with a new location and after writing to corporate was pleasantly surprised to receive 2 free large pizza cards in the mail – now thats good service!

Food: The pizza is good at at Papa John’s. From thin crust to regular the dough is not oily and the ingredients are fresh as promised. The chicken wings and other items are not as much of a slam dunk but if you are in the mood the honey Chipotle Wings are pretty tasty.

Favorite Dishes: Thin Crust Pizza with Chicken, Peppers, and Onion, Hawaiian Pizza

Atmosphere: Well since we NEVER eat at Papa John’s its really hard to say but I have been into a few locations and they are always clean which is a plus for the ambiance. Really its not a place you want to site and eat unless maybe its raining outside or if you are hungry after some drinks on your way home and itching for some slicest.

Consistency: The Kapiolani blvd location has always had the best and most consistent pizza in our option. After we moved to a new district we have struggled with pizza consistency and often times the wrong ingredients are on the pie or its cold when it arrives which never used to happen…. so i guess it depends on your location and the management!

Parking: Most Papa John’s locations have some designed spots for pickup or are in locations where they have ample parking so if you are swinging by after work don’t worry you should be in good shape no matter what.

Price Range: Medium-High ($16-$26.99) per Large Pizza (Papa Johns always has Daily Specials so Ask!)
Take Out Available

Papa John’s Store #1752
611 Kapahulu Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815
Tel: (808) 733-7272

Papa John’s Store #1751
1646 Kapiolani blvd
Honolulu, HI 96814
Tel: (808)592-7272

Hours of Operation:
Open Daily 10 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Papa Johns restaurant review

Thin Crust Specialty Pizza

Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza

Overall Review: CorkCorkCorkCork

Service: The service was good at Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza on Kapiolani blvd. Of course we where lucky and when we went it must have been an slow hour because there was only one couple ahead of us in line and they had already ordered so our food came out really fast. There is a sign indicating that it can take 20-30 minutes while busy because each pizza is backed fresh so just be prepared for any scenario. The staff where both really nice and full of smiles.

Food: The pizza was really good at Inferno’s! we where pleasantly surprised with the high quality ingredients they used on the pizzas. It really makes  a big difference in the final product. Inferno’s has lots of variety of vegetarian and meat pizzas including daily specials. if you are in mood for only a slice you can get cheese or pepperoni for $3 a slice which is perfect for a late night snack. Also if you eat at the restaurant they have a special where you get a free drink with pizza so we shared a diet Pepsi and felt really good about the entire experience.

Favorite Dishes: Spinach, Garlic, Tomato Pizza (only one we tried so far but the BBQ chicken looked really good as well!)

Atmosphere: Well Inferno pizza is located in a parking lot so its not going to win any awards for ambiance. However, for being a fast food / truck location it does have a special type of feel with the wood fire oven. They also have a nice little shaded seating area so you don’t have to eat your pizza on the street corner which is great. I’m sure at night its a very exciting place to be with all the bars and clubs in the area and has a strong street appeal for people watching.

Consistency: We have only been once so far but can’t wait to go back and try some other of the fresh pizza pies.

Parking: Parking is free at Inferno’s and is conveniently located across the street from the Pan Am Building. They have around 50 spots so shouldn’t be a problem to stop in any time of the day or night for a slice!

Price Range: Low ($8-$12) per Pizza
Reservations Not Accepted or Recommended (Its Street Food!)
Take Out Available

1637 Kapiolani Blvd
Honolulu, HI 96819
Tel: (808) 375-1200

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Thu 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Fri 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Sat 3 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Inferno's wood fire pizza in honolulu

Spinach, Garlic, Tomato Pizza

Inferno's wood fire pizza restaurant review

Wood Fire Oven



Teddy’s Bigger Burger

Overall Review: CorkCorkCork Cork

Service: The staff was super friendly at Teddy’s. They are fast on their feet and full of smiles. They where quick to whip down the tables between eaters despite how busy and managed to get the food out in a timely manner. We give Teddies Bigger Burger on Beretania Street two thumbs up.

Food: The food is pretty tasty at Teddy’s Bigger Burger in Honolulu. The food is what you would find in a common dinner with ice cream, onion rings, burgers and fries. What makes Teddy’s so good is that the burgers are made fresh to order and from 100% ground chuck. The chicken on the combo was also very juicy, moist and well seasoned. The buns were fresh and soft and all the ingredients from salads to fries where high quality. They also have a happy hour Monday – Thursday 2pm-5pm for $1 OFF any combo order.
Teddy’s Bigger Burger Menu For Download

Favorite Dishes: Baco Salad (7oz hamburger, avocado, cheese, tomato, bacon), Chicken Combo Sandwhich, Fries

Atmosphere: We really like the atmosphere at Teddy’s Bigger Burger. They are fun and designed like an old dinner. The color scheme is red, yellow and black and from the tables to the art on the walls the casual and hang loose 50’s theme keeps this restaurant young, trendy and fun.

Consistency: We only have been once so far but the restaurant was absolutely packed! we promise to update this section again next time we visit Teddy’s for a quick burger fix.

Parking: The Teddy’s location on Beretania has a good sized parking lot with over 10 spots making this an easy restaurant to go for lunch or a quick bite while shopping in town.

Price Range: Low ($4.99-$11.99) per Entree
No Corkage Fee! (But you have to bring your own bottle opener)
Take Out Available

Happy Hour Deals

134 Kapahulu Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96815
Tel: (808) 926-3444

2424 S. Beretania Ave #101
Honolulu, HI 96826
Tel: (808) 949-0050

Kailua Village Shops
539 Kailua Rd., #101
Kailua, HI 96734
Tel: (808) 262-0820

Hawaii Kai
7192 Kalanianaole Hwy., E124
Honolulu, HI 96825
Tel: (808) 394-9100

Hours of Operation:
University, Hawaii Kai, Kailua Locations:
Mon-Thu: 10am – 9pm
Fri-Sun: 10am – 10pm

Waikiki Store:
Hours of Operation
Mon – Sun: 10am – 9pm

teddy's bigger burger restaurant review hawaii

Cheese Burger Combo

Teddy's Burger Hawaii

Delux Burger

Genke Sushi

Overall Rating: CorkCorkCork

Service: The service is good at Genke Sushi restaurants in Hawaii. The staff is super friendly and very attentive. In fact, at the Kapahulu location in particular we have had the best service and before you even realize you need something your waiter is either bringing it or right by your side to fulfill your request which is always great when you go out.

Food: The food isn’t anything super fancy or even very creative but its good and cheap! Genke Sushi has a fun conveyor belt which rotates around the diners with various sushi rolls and food items like salads, edamame, etc. It is really a great way to enjoy a quick meal because while ordering off the menu you can grab an appetizer roll to hold you over. Basic items you can expect on the menu include Miso soup, Sashimi, Teriyaki Bowls, Salads, Udon Noodles, etc.
Genki Sushi Menu For Download

Favorite Dishes: Spicy Tuna Hand Roll, California Hand Roll, Salmon Cream Cheese Roll, Softshell Crab Roll, Tempura Roll, Edamame, and Miso Soup

Atmosphere: The ambiance at Genke Sushi is very open and clean. The conveyor belt is the focus on each location (as it should be!) but Genke Sushi does a good job of building restaurants which are warm and inviting. The logo guy is unforgettable and is featured throughout art in each location making Genke Sushi a unique place to take out-of-town guests.

Consistency: Genke Sushi is very consistent. Each time we go we always eat the Ahi Tuna hand roll and it tastes exactly the same each time.

Parking: Each Genke Sushi location has free parking! the location in Honolulu which is hardest to park is the location on Kapahulu which only has about 10 parking spots, however, you can generally find a spot on the street or in Safeway’s lot across the street.

Price Range: Low ($1.50-$4.80) per Dish
Reservations Not Accepted
Take Out Available

885 Kapahulu Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816
(808) 735-7700
Website: /

Ala Moana Center
1450 Ala Moana Blvd.#2096
Mall Level
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 942-9102

Ward Center
1200 Ala Moana Blvd.
Building 3, Bay 3
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 591-5600

Many more Genke Sushi locations! check website for full list
Hours of Operation:
Sun-Thurs: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Fri-Sat: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Takeout Available Daily: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Genke Sushi Resturant Review in Honolulu Hawaii

Wahoo Fish Taco’s

Overall: CorkCorkCork

Service: The table service was good at Wahoo’s in Kahala and was a welcome change from the location at Ward Center where you have to service yourself. The staff is friendly and in-line with the company vision.

Food: The food is ok at Wahoo’s Fish Taco’s. It’s really basic food nothing special or so good that you can’t wait to go back but it is very inexpensive and good for the price. They also have alot of specials each day including Taco Tuesdays with $2 tacos, as well as other Happy Hour items making it a fun place to go with friends.

Favorite Dishes: Wahoo’s Salad, Fish Tacos, Chicken Tortilla Soup

Atmosphere: The ambiance at Wahoo’s is fun and casual. It’s a mix between a local hangout and fast food joint. Both locations have great layouts with both indoor and outdoor seating options. The Ward location is more like a fast-food restaurant but the Kahala one is more upscale and has a full bar and table seating. It’s a great place to go for happy hour and grab some drinks with friends PLUS they have free music at each location during select times (see hours of operation below)

Consistency:Its consistently ok at Wahoo’s. The fish is fresh and tastes consistently not fishy which is always a plus.

Parking: Both locations have free parking lots and or street parking (at Ward metered and in Kahala free).

Price Range: Low ($10 and under) per Entree
Reservations Not Accepted
Take Out Available

Happy Hour Deals!
Live Music!

Ward Area
940 Auahi St.
Honolulu, HI 96814

4614 Kilauea Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96816

Hours of Operation:
Fri-Sat 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. Dinner & Lunch
Live Music: Tue, Fri: 7 – 9:30 p.m.
Ward Center
Sun – Thu: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.; Fri – Sat: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Live Music: Wed 6 – 9 p.m.

Wahoo's fish tacos in hawaii restaurant review

Wahoo's Fish Salad

Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos

Taco Ricos

Overall: corkage

Service: The staff was really nice but the restaurant didn’t have a bathroom, bottle opener, or any sour cream. Also they ran out of fish tacos and they never offered us any water during our short meal there. The second time we went they did have the fish but it was precooked and cold. The staff was also pretty slow so don’t go here if you are in a rush!

Food: The food is simple and what you would expect from a traditional street Mexican vendor. The tacos are small, round, and wrapped in double corn tortillas. The restaurant has a great condiment bar with interesting toppings and home made salsa. The meat tacos where dry and old tasting (you can get a variety plate of 5 tacos for $9) but the fish was delicious and made the trip worth while. That being said… last time we went the fish tacos where to wet and not so good for the price.

Favorite Dishes: Fish Tacos (it’s fresh catfish!), (from the condiment bar – Salsa Verde, Pickled Red Onion, Cilantro)

Atmosphere: The ambiance is overall pretty ghetto. The inside is very minimalistic and a really cool exterior paint job. The music is custom mixed for the shop and really adds to the authentic Mexican experience. Taco Ricos is definitely the kind of place you could wear anything to or be as drunk as you want without consequence. The restaurant only has 2 tables and some bar seating so its more of a eat and run type of establishment.

Consistency: Taco Ricos is not very consistent. Its really hit or miss but the last two times have been big misses so we don’t recommend this restaurant very highly.

Parking: Taco Ricos is on Kapahulu street so the best place to park is on the street which is metered.

Price Range: Low ($5-$12) per Entree
No Corkage Fee!
(TIP: They don’t have a wine opener so drink beer or bring a screw top wine)

Tacos Ricos
525 Kapahulu Avenue
Phone: (808) 834-8222