The Fat Greek

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Service: The Fat Greek is a plate lunch type of establishment so there is no table staff and you need to order from the counter, take a number, and wait for your order to be called. The staff is friendly and responsive to guests needs for example when a friends order came out with a big black hair on top they took it back and made him a new one without a hesitation. Sometimes they can be slow and food does tend to trickle out randomly.

Food: The food at The Fat Greek is typical Greek with a Mediterranean twist. The food in general is pretty healthy as most dishes contain lean protein, fresh vegetables, lemon and olive oil rather than fried foods. The Fat Greek has the typical Greek / Mediterranean dishes you would be “craving” such as Falaffel, Shwarmas, Souvlaki, Gyros, Greek Salads, Lamb, Hummus, and great pita bread.

Favorite Dishes: Greek Salad, Spanokopita, Soulvaki (Don’t get the fish its not as good as the meat), Daily Special (always great specially the fresh salmon or Moussaka), Greek Fries  (TIP: for the love of god DO NOT order the chicken soup it’s terrible!)

Atmosphere: The atmosphere at The Fat Greek is that of a querky yet quaint local dive. It has an odd charm to it and has great outdoor seating but is not exactly fancy or even trendy. The place is pretty clean and they have plenty of seating so its a good place to go with kids or friends for a quick bite, but certainly not recommended for a lengthily meal or an intimate first date.

Consistency: We have only been twice but both times have been consistently OK . It’s not like anything you eat knocks your socks off or anything but its not bad and if you are in the mood for Greek and not close to Kahala (so you can eat at the Olive Tree Cafe)  this is a good dinning option.

Parking: The Fat Greek does have some parking available but not that many stalls and they are shared with other neighboring restaurants like Sabrina’s, Aloha with Spice, and Cafe Tajmahal so you need to be lucky or very patient to get a spot. You can also park across the street in the out door parking lot but its a flat rate of $5 and last time we parked there and paid we STILL got a ticket! those old machines are unreliable and rather expensive for being located on Waialae.

Price Range: Low-Medium ($7-$19) per Entree
No Corkage Fee!
Reservations Not Accepted
Take Out Available

3040 Waialae Ave
Honolulu, HI 96816
Tel: (808) 734-0404

Hours of Operation:
Open 11:00 am to 10:00 pm daily

Fat Greek Salmon Special picture in honolulu, HI

Salmon Plate Special

Fat Greek Restaurant Hummus picture in Honolulu Hawaii


Olive Tree Cafe

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Service: The Olive Tree is a seat yourself restaurant and  the service is fantastic. The service providers are friendly, pleasant and very quick to take your order and clear tables. A great idea if you are concerned about waiting for a table is to call in advance for take-out. You can typically pick up your order 15 min after ordering, walk straight to the front of the line and be home before a table opens up!

Food: The Food at the Olive Tree is traditional Greek. It’s fresh, flavorful and always delicious.  It’s hands down the best Greek food in Hawaii and a fun affordable place to go with friends, family and even a date.

Favorite Dishes: Fresh Fish Slovaki (TIP: If you are trying to not eat bread order this dish without the pita and ask for extra salad!), Lamb Slovaki, The Daily Special, Hummus, Babaganoush, Olives and Feta Cheese, and the Dolmas.

Atmosphere: The Olive Tree has a wonderful, hip ambiance to it. It is a seat yourself restaurant and you can select a table out doors or in doors depending on availability and the weather. The restaurant plays authentic Greek music to add to the experience. It is extremely busy so its recommended to have one person hunt for a table while the rest order inside or you could wait forever.

Consistency: The restaurant is very consistent and you always get what you are expecting. Being a private chef in Honolulu I have first hand experience what restaurants retain the integrity of their dishes time and time again.  Over the past years we cannot think of one instance where we had bad food at Olive Tree Cafe!

Parking: The Olive Tree has free parking if for about 10 cars. The parking is directly in front of the restaurant but also shares with Subway. If you are not lucky enough to find a spot you can park on the street outside of the Kahala post office.

Price Range: Low ($8-$15) per Entree
No Corkage Fee!

Reservations Not Accepted
Take Out Available

4614 Kilauea Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816-5309
Telephone: (808) 737-0303‎

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Sunday: 5pm-10pm