Kaka’ako Kitchen

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Service: The service is excellent at Kaka’ako Kitchen. They have a very low employee turnover rate and all the staff goes above and beyond their job descriptions to provide provide excellent and personable service.

Food: The food is really good at Kaka’ako Kitchen. It’s a favorite spot of locals and they serve great plate lunches which are always fresh and hit the spot every time! You can also order your plate with either fresh Nalo greens, crispy fries, or macaroni salad depending on what your in the mood for and what fits into your dieting.

Favorite Dishes: Fried Rice (only served at breakfast), Furikake Mahi Wrap, Seared Ahi Chop Salad, Furikake Tempura Catfish (extra delicious!), Sweet Chili Chicken, and Fresh Catch of the Day. (TIP: The salad dressing is to-die-for and you can also purchase a bottle for $7 to take home)

Atmosphere: The restaurant is one where you order at the counter, pay, take a number and then they bring your plate to where you select to sit. There are both outdoor (covered) and indoor seating available and its a great place to go for a quick bite. The atmosphere is laid back and it’s the perfect place to people watch.

Consistency: The food is consistently excellent and exactly what you expect it to be every time! We have never been disappointed with the food.

Parking: The good news is parking is free at Ward Center. The bad news is you have to fight for your spot! It’s recommended to park in the lot across from the movie theater and walk across the street or tackle the parking structure.

Price Range: Low ($8-$12) per Entree
No Alcohol Permitted
Phone & Fax Orders Accepted!

1200 Ala Moana Blvd
Honolulu, HI 96814
Telephone: (808) 596-7488
Fax: (808) 596-9114
For Catering: (808) 596-7491
Website: www.wardcenters.com/dining/merchants/kakaakokitchen.html

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday – 8am-9pm
Friday-Saturday – 8am-10pm
Sunday – 8am-5pm