Gourmet Pet Food

Gourmet Pet Food

Our pets are part of our family and many dogs and cats suffer from dietary restrictions, which do not allow them to eat commercially made pet foods containing preservatives and additives.  Many pets can reduce stomach problems as well as overall health by having fresh cooked meals prepared and stored for them each month. Pets need a healthy assortment of both poultry, carbohydrates and vegetables to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Covert Affairs is now pleased to offer gourmet pet food personal chef services in Honolulu, Hawaii. Personal chef services for pets are based on each clients unique needs. Food is prepared fresh one to two times a month and measured into individual plastic bags. Clients may store these in the freezer and heat up in microwave each day for there pet. Another excellent idea is to mix the fresh pet food with a bit of the dried food. If your not sure what is the best fresh food to create for your animal ask your veterinarian.

Not sure what you would make for your pet? here are some good recipes already working for K9 clients to maintain pet livelihood and health.

Pet Meal Concepts:

  • Ground Pork, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Frozen Peas
  • Ground Chicken, White Rice, Frozen Broccoli
  • Ground Beef, Brown Rice, Frozen Carrots

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