How to Find The Best Personal Chef on Vacation

Being a personal chef in Hawaii I have had first hand experience working with both good and bad chefs. Many of my clients are world-wide travelers and have told me that they wished they had some insider tips to finding a reputable and trust worthy chef while on vacation. I have put together a list of 3 steps on how to find a personal chef that you can trust and full-fills all your service needs and expectations while on vacation.

The first tip is to not just randomly search online for a chef, but rather to visit the American Personal & Private Chef Association website. This association has a vigorous approval process which insures its chefs have professional training as well as an established business. The association has a good reputation and national database which covers every state in the USA. Go to the website and select the location you will be vacationing in to view the chefs that are affiliated with this organization. Make sure you contact chefs, which are on the island you will be visiting or live on. Next you will want to view a few chef’s websites and beginning the information gathering stage. Important things to look for on the website are credentials which qualify that individual to be your personal chef. Good credentials include affiliations with prestigious organizations and attending a reputable culinary school. A trained professional chef understands about food contamination and proper cooking techniques, which insure the food is fresh, and bacteria free. Make sure the website contains privacy policies, terms & conditions and a clearly defined cancellation policy, which protect your interests.

Next you will want to read some clients testimonials so you can get a first had glimmer of what your experience will be like. The testimonials should be clearly outlined with client names and give you a sense of security about the quality and service of the personal chef you are selecting. Look for video and written client testimonials from reputable organizations and persons, which will increase your sense of security with the chef you are hiring and insure your vacation is stress free.

The final step is asking for a quote. Once you have viewed all the website information and are satisfied with the reputation and style of the chef or chefs call them and ask them what locations they service as well as for an estimate of costs. This stage is important because depending on where you are staying the associated costs for labor may vary. For example, If you are staying in Honolulu, you want to make sure your chef services Honolulu. After receiving estimates and menu ideas select whichever chef fits of style of communication, budget, and required services.

If you follow these steps above you can feel confidant selecting the right chef even if you have never meet them face-to-face. The most important thing is to trust your gut and go with the chef that takes care of all the details. The chef you select should offer to contact your estate rental for a visit to make sure the kitchen is fully equipped and stocked with food before you arrive. Aloha and I hope you enjoy your stress free vacation!

Covert Affairs is a private chef company in Honolulu, Hawaii. Ryan Covert is both the owner and head chef of Covert Affairs, which caters to both locals and celebrities alike. His dynamic cooking style is a global celebration with a highlight on Asian-Pacific, Mediterranean, and Caribbean cuisines, making him the private chef Hawaii prefers. For a unique affair on the islands look no further than Covert Affairs Honolulu personal chef services. For a full list of private chef services, customer testimonials, client lists, menu options, to view his published recipes or to read his restaurant and wine blog visit him at –


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