Hiring a Personal Chef in Oahu

If you are planning a vacation and would like to hire a personal chef while on vacation in Hawaii it’s important to start the information gathering at least 45-60 days before you arrive as many vacation rentals and chefs are booked weeks in advance. The best way to find a qualified chef is to utilize prestigious American Personal & Private Chef Association pre-approved vendors or speak to your rental agent to see if they can recommend a chef who has a good reputation and has worked for that estate before. The next step is to visit each personal chefs website to get a feel of their cooking style and type of services offered. Before you start information gathering it is important to outline your expectations so its easier to make your final decision when comparing chefs to one another. A good example of your expectations would be did you want each meal platted individually or served buffet style for a family? what seems like a simple question can change the dynamic of your dinning experience and is an important to outlining your expectations in advance so you receive the best service possible while hiring a personal chef in our beautiful islands.

Furthermore, when hiring a personal chef in Hawaii the only way you will be able to communicate with the chef over the phone or email and will not get the chance to meet them face-to-face which can be stressful for many individuals. To insure your making the right choice its very important to carefully review the chefs credentials and website to make sure you feel comfortable with their level of expertise and brand equity. Visit each chefs website and look for clearly outlined clearly outlined Rates, Terms of Service and Privacy & Cancellation policy which protects your interests. Also look look for what culinary education they have received as well as previously held positions in the industry in there “About Us” section. Good credentials also include excellent client testimonials and client lists which validate and endorse the chefs quality of work.

Finally, the most important thing to remember when hiring a private chef in Honolulu, Oahu is you want to feel comfortable and relaxed while on vacation. Make sure to hire someone who has excellent work ethic and responds to your inquiry within 48 hours in a professional manner. This includes being flexible in their culinary style and menu preparation. If you have food allergies or sensitive conditions to gluten, nuts, dairy, shell fish, or are diabetic or vegetarian its important to let your private chef know up front so you can assess if they have the skill set to prepare meals for your and your families unique needs.

Aloha from Private Chef Ryan Covert with www.CovertAffairs.com and we hope you enjoy your vacation in paradise!