Sushi Sasabune

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Service: The service is exceptional at Sushi Sasabune on King Street. The waiters are veterans and always remember the guests who keep on coming back. They are friendly, knowledgeable, polite and quick which is all you can ever ask of a good restaurant.

Food: The food is to die for! the key phrase is “Trust Me” at Sushi Sasabune because you don’t order par-say but rather the chef brings you select items which are the freshest and most delicious he has to offer, dish by dish until you are full. If you are a regular you can also request different dishes (on his tasting menu) but you have to eat a few times to get aquatinted with the food enough to do be able to ask for them by name. The sushi is so fresh it melts in your mouth and is presented on top of warm sushi rice giving it a unique and memorable taste. Each bite is a true celebration. Enjoy!! 

Favorite Dishes: Blue crab hand roll, the squid stuffed with blue crab, the scallop and salmon duo, everything!

Atmosphere: The ambiance is very nice at Sasabune. The restaurant is small and quaint with a sushi bar and about 5-8 tables. The decor is very clean yet trendy for a Japanese restaurant and showcases a few beautiful pieces of artwork and black, red and gold color scheme.

Consistency: Each time you go to Sasabune you can feel secure that it will fantastic. The consistency is top notch and we have never had a dish that wasn’t superb or fishy fish.

Parking: Sushi Sasabune has a small parking lot out back that may be shared with some other restaurants in the area but typically you can always find a spot. If not and its not during rush hour you can find parking on king street.

Price Range: High – Dinner about $125 per Person
Corkage Fee $15 per Bottle
Reservations Accepted & Recommended
Take Out Not Available

1417 South King Street
Honolulu, HI 96814 ‎
Tel: (808) 947-3800

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Sat: 5:30 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Tue-Fri: 12 p.m. – 2 p.m.

Sushi Sasabune - squid stuffed crab

Squid Stuffed Blue Crab

sushi sasabune restaurant review hawaii

Scallop & Kelp Salmon

sasabune review

Unagi & Tamago

sushi sasabune restaurant review


Sushi Sasabune hawaii

Tuna Duo

Trust Me Hawaii

Sushi Master

Sushi Izakaya Gaku

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Service:The service as Gaku is exceptional. The staff is not only helpful but extremely professional. Each time we go to Gaku we are welcomed into the restaurant with smiling faces and the type of service which you hope to receive every time you go out.

Food: The food is absolutely Delicious! they have a wide assortment of Japanese treasures including sushi, hot appetizers, tempura, and many other classic meat and seafood dishes. The specials are always excellent so ask your waiter whats fresh – each waiter tries all the specials on the menu daily and are well versed on each dish.

Favorite Dishes: Tuna Baked King Crab (OMG soooo delicious), Onyasai vegetables, Hamachi Tartar, and Cold Glass of Sake

Atmosphere: Gaku has a wonderful ambiance. It’s a small restaurant, with intimate lighting. You feel like you are in Japan, a magical place where anything could happen. The only down side is that this intimate restaurant only has about 10 tables and it is very popular so you will have to wait to get a seat almost any day of the week. They do take reservations before 7pm each night but you still need to call a few days in advance.  Also something to note is that half of the tables are ground seating which is fun but not so good if you have a bad back (Tip: when you make a reservation request one of the 3 tables in the front room.)

Consistency: Each time we go to Gaku we are left full and happy. The food is excellent and always consistent. Only one or two times has a dish varied in flavor.

Parking:Parking is free at Gaku, however, there are only a few stalls in the back (about 10). When your driving to Gaku for the first time be on the look out for the restaurant on the right hand side of the street because if you miss it you have to backtrack around the block because king street is one-way. The parking is located directly after the door to the restaurant. If the lot is full you can park on the  street and walk after rush hour.

Price Range: Medium ($10-$22) per Entree
Corkage Free $25 per Bottle
Reservations Accepted Before 7pm & Recommended
Take Out Not Available

Sushi Izakaya Gaku
1329 South King Street
Telephone: 808.589.1329

Hours of Operation:
Lunch served 11:30 am – 4:00 pm Monday – Saturday
Dinner served 4:00 pm to late, Monday – Saturday


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Service: The staff is so nice at Imanas. As soon as you walk through the front door you are greeted and ushered in. They have exceptional service and really make you feel special when you eat there by constantly bowing and smiling.

Food: The food is super good at Imanas. They have almost everything you could ever want from a Japanese restaurant including Shabushabu, Sushi, Sashimi, Grilled and Fried dishes. What they don’t have is a tempura selection or individual meal box selections like many other Japanese restaurants do just an FYI before you plan a visit.  The food is light, refreshing and very moderately priced. We recommend ordering many different dishes and sharing so you can try different items and flavors. (TIP: Order a cold glass of Otakayama Sake, It is sooooo good and makes the food and evening all that much better!)

Favorite Dishes: Thinly Sliced Founder, Spicy Tuna Roll, Avacado & Salmon Roll, Spider Roll (OMG delicious!), Fried Gobo and Seafood, Butter Fish, Seasoned Burdock, Assorted Oshinko,  Fried Tofu with Miso Sauce (TIP: if you like it HOT get this dish its served with hot muster that really pack’s a punch!) and the Beef Shabushabu is also very good but has a minimum of two orders

Atmosphere: The restaurant is absolutely stunning! the tables are beautiful and the entire ambiance is very zen from the second you walk into Imanas. The warm wood colors make you feel welcome and safe almost as if you where at home or a close friends for dinner. The natural elements create dynamic shadows on the floor and walls making the atmosphere absolutely lovely! This is a perfect restaurant for both an intimate date, or family gathering. The sushi bar is also fun to sit at if you are only 2 people and the seats are exceptionally comfortable (or that could be the sake talking).

Consistency: Imanas is wonderfully consistent. we have been going for years and have never been disappointed by any dish we have eaten making this a first class Japanese restaurant to try.

Parking: The restaurant does have a small 10-12 stall parking lot directly in front of it which has free parking but it is extremely hard to find a spot there – specially during key dinner time 6:30-7:30. However, there is also an extremely convenient paid parking lot to the left of the restaurant which is only about $1 per hour (they do not accept validation).

Price Range: Medium ($5-$20) per Entree  (Sushi $3-$9.50 per roll)
Reservations Accepted Before 7pm & Recommended
Take Out Not Available

2626 S. King Street
Honolulu, HI 96826
Tel: (808) 941-2626

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Saturday 5 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.
Closed Sunday

Imanas japanese restaurant review

Seafood Gobo

imanas miso butter fish in Hawaii

Miso Butter Fish

Imanas japanese restaurant in hawaii shabu shabu

Shabu Shabu


Cafe Maharani

Overall: corkagecorkagecorkagecorkagecorkage

Service: Service is always pretty good. The staff is really friendly but it takes forever to get a seat (well worth the wait!!) . A good tip is to bring an extra bottle of wine because they let you drink it while you wait in the back. It makes the time go much faster!

Food: The food is traditional Indian and served family style in interesting dishes. The menu has good variety and the platters are large so share with your friends. We would recommend a few appetizers, followed by a Vegetable dish, Masala, and Meat dish like the Tandoori platter. Don’t forget the Naan and yellow rice to slurp up the last drops.

Favorite Dishes: Papadum, Tandoori Chicken, Vegetable Masala (special dish), Fish or Chicken Masala, Yellow Rice, Naan Bread with Cilantro & or Onion, Curries are also very good but occasionally the meat is tough.

Atmosphere: The moment you walk into Cafe Maharani you are transported to India with the authentic art and bright color pallet. The restaurant is very small, unique and quaint but also very busy so expect to wait for a while (Tip: buy an extra bottle of wine to drink while you wait in the back of the restaurant) they do not take reservations.

Consistency: Consistently Fantastic! This is by far the best Indian restaurant in Hawaii. Being a personal chef in Oahu I always pleasure in looking forward to going to a restaurant of this caliber. The food is delicious and always consistent.

Parking: Parking can be found at the Down To Earth parking lot up the ramp for free or on the street. We take a cab so we can enjoy the no corkage fee and have a wonderful evening.

Price Range: Medium-High ($15-$30) per Entree
Bring Your Own Alcohol/Wine
No Corkage Fee!

Reservations Not Accepted

2509 S King St
Honolulu, HI 96826
Phone Number: (808) 951-7447

Hours of Operation:
Open daily from 5 pm to 10 pm