Yellow Tail Shiraz

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Varietal: Syrah/Shiraz

Vintages: 2008

Country: South Eastern Australia

Essence ofVanilla & Oak undertones are apparent on the noise and pallet once the wine opens up after a minute or two. The overall taste is earthy and pleasant for the price. It’s a tad sweet and has mild tannins. The color is dark and rich almost magenta and this is a good option for a heavy drinking nights with friends as the price is right!

Best Served With: Grilled Meats, Tomato Based Dishes, Spicy Food like Curry

Price Range: $4-$6

Yellow Tail Shiraz Wine Review


Razor Edge

Overall Wine Review: Wine rating system Wine rating system

Varietal: Shiraz

Vintages: 2008

Country: McLaren Vale, South Australian

Essence of: Jammy fruit characteristics, reminds me of Welch’s Concord Grape Juice at first but then it opens up with hints of ripe Cherry / Earthy undertones and hints of Coffee / Medium Tannins

Best Served With: Grilled Gamey Meats such as Lamb, Duck, Wild Boar, Dear or Elk

Price Range: $15 per bottle 

Razors Edge wine lable