Covert Affairs Private Chef Tasting Party

few weeks ago Covert Affairs private chef services in Hawaii had a small tasting for local estate managers, business owners, and event planners. The purpose of the tasting was to showcase some of Chef Ryan’s new cuisines and also allow the guests to experience his culinary expertise and be able to knowingly endorse his company to their elite cliental. The event took place a clients home overlooking the ocean and was the perfect setting for networking and to relax with good food while enjoying a beautiful Oahu summer sunset.

The Tasting Menu Included…..

Lemon Grass Shrimp

Lemon Grass Poached Shrimp with Wasabi Cocktail Sauce….

Asian Beef Empanada

Irresistible Asian Beef Empanadas….

Pork Bow Buns

Asian Braised Pork Bow Buns

Edamame Hummus Recipe

Edamame Hummus Pita Crisp

Watercress Salad

Watercress Salad with Thai Marinated Hikama, Asian Pear, Mango, Cherry Tomatoes, and Avocado with a Sesame Miso Vinaigrette…..

After the small bites and starters the guests enjoyed some wine and conversation while the main entree was platted. Chef Ryan’s selected a client favorite his Braised Short Ribs to top off the savory dishes.

Short Ribs

Falling Off The Bone Braised Short Ribs Over Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Edamame

Covert Affairs’s offers guests a dynamic a global celebration with a highlight on Asian-Pacific, Mediterranean, and Caribbean cuisines making him the private chef for any special event or theme dinner! To top off the evening Chef Ryan prepared guests a sampling of two desserts.

Black Rice Pudding

Black Coconut Rice Pudding….

panna cotta

Leche Panna Cotta, Guava Coolie & Blueberries

The event was a huge success and the guests enjoyed themselves thoroughly…. No one left without a full stomach and a ear to ear smile. Click here to read some of my client testimonials