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Service: The service was absolutely top notch at Yakiniku Hiroshi in Waikiki. They had about one server / table back per a table and it made a huge difference in the overall dinning experience. We didn’t have to wait even one minute for a refresh of our water/tea or to add other items to our order.  They also quickly removed old plates which is always appreciated.

Food: The menu at Yakiniku Hiroshi comprises of a large variety of meats, seafood, noodles and a terrific assortment of vegetables. One of the best things about this restaurant is they have a very high standard of meat and only accept the top 1% of USDA graded beef. The best selections on the menu are Gold & Platinum grades of Wayu Beef raised in Idaho and known as some of the best high quality American Kobe Style beef available.  The vegetable side dishes that came with the sample menu (for 2 people) where delicious and included choy sum, kim chee, diakon kim chee, bean sprouts, roasted garlic, rice, seaweed, and even a side salad. The food is good but its also very expensive for the amount of food you get for each dish so we recommending going with a big group so you can afford to try lots of items on the menu. They also have an excellent wine list with over 200 selections!
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Favorite Dishes: The Smaller Premium Sampler which was $45 per a person was great and if you prefer they will substitute the beef tongue for another meat variety fresh that day (we got a thinly sliced pork which was very yummy).

Atmosphere: The ambiance was very nice at this establishment and they two seating areas downstairs (5 tables) and upstairs (10 tables). The tables are very clean and new-age for Yakninku and utilize a charcoal burning brazier which is smokeless and really enjoyable. The only thing we where not to keen on was the music which was very poppy and didn’t really mesh with the relaxing atmosphere.

Consistency: We have only been once so far but would like to visit again soon.

Parking: Yakiniku Hiroshi offers validated parking for 3 hours at the Waikiki Trade Center which is one block away from the restaurant.

Price Range: Medium-High ($10.50-$65) per Entree
Corkage Fee $25 per Bottle
Reservations Accepted & Recommended
Take Out Not Available

339 Royal Hawaiian Ave.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815
Tel: (808) 923-0060

Hours of Operation:
Open Daily for Dinner: 5:30 p.m. – 11 p.m.


Yakiniku Hiroshi honolulu restaurant review

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Tenyaku – Asian Yakiniku

Overall Review: CorkCorkCork

Service: The service was good at Tenyaku but not refined. The restaurant was very new (only a few months old) so hopefully they will smooth out the rough edges. The staff was friendly and very attentive the only thing we had to wait for our drinks for quite a while and the waiter didn’t bring all our dinner items at the same time (i.e. he forgot about our rice which came with the meal and we had to bring it up to him after all the meats, fishes and other items arrived also at different times) which made it harder to enjoy everything together.

Food: The food was ok and they have typical Korean Yakiniku and Shabu-Shabu menu selections including some noodle and side dishes. Some items where pretty tasty but overall it lacked a little imagination and the wow factor that makes you want to return to a restaurant time and time again. One of the things we look for with a great Korean restaurants are vegetable/kimchi sides are very dynamic and tie the Yakiniku together. The sides where one of the best things on the menu, however, they only had three and it was kind of boring for the price tag attached to Korean BBQ meats. The bibimbap was also ok and did get nice and crunchy on the bottom but needed salt and some more pizazz overall. The best thing we had was the meat and they did cook ours in the back instead of making us do the Yakinkiu ourselves which is a nice option if you are not in the mood to BBQ yourself! so our advice is if you try this establishment go for Happy Hour either from 11am-3pm, 5pm-6:30pm, & 9pm-last call and get the 20% OFF meat options and keep it simple (TIP: Don’t order the set menu for two people…. its a better deal to order off the menu and we only really liked 2 items we received)

Favorite Dishes: The Premium Kalbi & Kone Kalbi Short-Rib meat and Tofu soup where the best dishes. The vegetable side dishes were also good but they only had 3 dishes (Fish cake, Kimchi and Bean Sprouts) which is less than many other of the best Korean restaurants in town which offer 5+.

Atmosphere: The restaurant was very clean and well taken care of which was great. The owner was also present which added to the ambiance and she even came over to ask us how our experience was going and thank us for coming. Tenyaku has a large inside with at least 20-25 tables. They also had a sushi bar so if you want to eat alone or not have Yakinku its a great option. The inside didnt have any memorable artwork or decor but cleanliness is always a very good asset.

Consistency: We have only been once (and went because we got a Groupon) and to be quite honest don’t think we will try again. However, if we do go with some friends we promise to update this section and hopefully with some great news as we know what to order and what to stir clear from.

Parking: Tenyaku Restaurant is located on Keeamoku and has about 8-10 free parking spots in front of the restaurant which is great but also share with the bar “Champions”located  next door. TIP – if you are planning to go for an early bird dinner and catch Happy Hour Tenyaku opens at 5pm so Champions is a good place to pop in for a drink while you wait (and you can park in the same lot!)

Price Range: High-Medium ($19.59-$39.50) per Yakiniku Entree (Sides / Other Entrees $6.50-$20)
Corkage Fee $10 per Bottle
Reservations Accepted
Take Out Not Available

Happy Hour Specials!

1108 Keeaumoku St
Honolulu, HI 96814
Tel: (808) 593-8281.
Website: /
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Hours of Operation:
Monday – Saturday: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
Happy Hours: 11am-3pm, 5pm-6:30pm, & 9pm-Last Call

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