Cafe Tajmahal

Overall: corkage

Service: Family run business and they are running it into the ground! the waitress obviously doesn’t understand service and was probably still in high school. After a second attempt we had a another lousy experience the waiter was slow and didn’t clear any of the dirty plates away from the tables! The experience was basically its worth forgetting.

Food: The food is just awful at the Cafe Tajmahal! The menu has the basic things you would expect at an Indian restaurant not executed well at all. The Vegetable Samosa was the best thing and it was burned on the outside. The Vegetable Masala was acceptable but pretty tasteless both times, the yellow rice comes out white, and the fish Masala was really fishy. In fact, even the most staple Indian dish – Naan Bread was terrible! both times it was doughy, oily and most likely not made in a traditional oven.

Favorite Dishes: Vegetable Samosas, Sauces that come on the table, and and Vegetable Masala.

Atmosphere: Lacking, definitely could use a makeover and some TLC. The kitchen is really loud and they play the same Indian movie on a loop on two flat screen TV’s which is really distracting.

Consistency: Although we said we would never give this restaurant another chance we did in the spirit of fairness (when we went the first time it had just opened and since then have heard good things about the food) and now strongly reinforce our original opinion that this restaurant has consistently terrible food.

Parking: There is free parking in front but the lot is shared with other restaurants at the same location so parking is hard to find and the lot is difficult to get in and out of. You can pay $5 across the street by City Mill if the parking lot is full. Our tip go early (before 7pm) and snag a free spot!

Price Range: Medium ($11-$20) per Entree
No Corkage Fee!

Reservations Not Accepted

3036 Waialae Ave, #B-4
Honolulu, HI 96816
phone number: (808) 732-6496

Cafe Tajmahala restaurant review

Chicken Tikka

Vegetable Masala

Yellow Rice

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  1. DebbyFoodish says:

    Cafe Maharani is way better!

  2. Agueda Ruggle says:

    I like your site.

  3. This blog was so informative! Thanks Chef Ryan!!!!

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